About us



If you are looking for original gifts and personalized for your loved ones, based in innovative ideas, you are in the right place. The Rune Workshop, offert you a wide range of styles of custom designs, in all types of materials, to make that ideal gift.

The main objective is: To offer an individual experience and unique too the customer, who can participate in some way in the process of manufacturing your product. For this we have the best materials and machinery, without leaving aside the principle of craftsmanship or what is the same the work done with our hands.

We seek that the customer is satisfied, so our main job is to listen to the customer and know what he is looking for, to translate it into our products mainly made of: wood, polymer clay, fabric and beads, creating different designs, which the customer can evaluate before receive the order.

Another fundamental objective is to make known through our products or our social networks other points of view, as the would be the vegan world, or the different associations, protectors, sanctuaries, etc. Who work day by day for animals or for creating a better world.

If you wish do not hesitate to contact us more information, It will be a pleasure to meet you and help you in whatever yo need.